I-Shyne Dogmas

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When building visuals or reading experiences trought websites and magazines is important to keep the focus on the balance of all the elements such as usability,lightness, speed.


helvetica_poster_by_chadong experimental_jetset_bluray-poster321

Good typography shouldn’t have to rely on ornamental crutches to stand tall. Yet despite all the tools and knowledge available to us, we readily embrace a flourishing, decorative typography, with cheap tricks used in a misguided attempt to make it “pop”. This ancient art may rapidly be gaining popularity, but are we paying it the respect it deserves?

Take a snapshot of the visual culture that surrounds you—magazines, movie posters, packaging, websites—how much of it relies on typography? How much of the typography around you is actually well considered? Chances are you’ll find a handful of beautifully crafted typographical designs competing with an avalanche of visually “rich”, image-heavy creations. Typography is then relegated to the role of “necessary evil”  while it’s much more and in 2013 is fair to say that the global webdesign community is experiencing a typographical renaissance.


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