I-Shyne Web & Music Services

I-Shyne provides  personal and comprehensive publicity campaigns. Through tapping a band or an artist into our vast and far reaching network of contacts, we can push the success of their tour or album release to the next level.

In today’s media landscape, it is more imperative than ever to ensure your presence is being felt. With the thousands of  artists and bands touring and releasing new material every day, we can make sure that you distinguish yourself from the rest.

We offer every service you might need to get your presence on the web and in the world, from design to delivery, and with the highest possible quality. I-Shyne.com  knows how to help you profit.


We relay on a successful and international network of Pr, Publicists, Labels, Radio Stations,Booking Agencies and will be able to address your specific needs helping you expanding your audience and target.

I-Shyne was created to provide a platform for artists who seek to use their craft as a means to express as wide a spectrum of the human experience as possible. Across all borders, genres and styles,I-Shyne is dedicated to bringing together artists in a common cause and to provide the advocacy necessary to help them make the kind of impact with their music that they seek.

While based in Miami, Florida, I-Shyne has extensive international experience, specifically with the Caribbeans. Through booking representation, management and tour or publicity consulting, I-Shyne can offer a wide variety of professional support.


      • Press Releases – We will identify content for, and write, press releases utilizing appropriate and reputable distribution channels. You shall add a section containing Press Releases to your site. The cost of Press Release distribution will be your responsibility.
      • Industry Authority We will identify external web sites that are industry related or supportive to your offerings. In these cases you will be specifically responsible for participation in the Industry channels identified.
      • Rich Media Integration (Blending) – We will identify areas of your web site that could benefit from the introduction of rich media content (Video, Audio, Enhanced Imagery). We will recommend specific types of rich media to be developed and integrated into your web site and identify and optionally distribute content to selected external web sites.

Please contact i-shyneent@rocketmail.com for more information and publicity campaign proposals.


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